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less than two weeks ago, someone made a frightening discovery near los gados. a rabid bat. in april, another rabid bat discovered along the los gados creek trail. >> concerning there might be bats that have rabies out and about. >> a lot of familiar use the park a lot of children, use the park to commute through. >> reporter: so far this year, santa clara county reporting the most rabid bats in five years. five bats found since april. compared to three for all of last year, and two cases the year before. the sick bats aren't just hanging out under the trees. they've been found in high-tech headquarters may 16th a rabid bat discovered on the google campus. east bay, this month a 16-year-old volunteer at the oakland do was bitten by a rabid bat. infected animal was not one of the fruit bats on display at the zoo, but the bat that had flown
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on to zoo grounds, similar to the ones here. thor. >> was treated, and is expected to make a fuel recovery. that was the third rabid bat in the east bay in the past month. at the public health department, the doctor says there are some clear warning signs. >> bats are usually active at night and flying high in the sky. if you see a bat low to the ground and active during the day, that's not normal. and you should stay clear of that bat. >> reporter: she says don't let curiosity prevail over common sense. if you find a bat, call animal control. here in california, almost all of the cases of rabies have been detected in bats but a few cases in skunks and foxes. >> despite blowing a tire during take-off in denver the southwest airlines jet landed safely at san jose international airport.
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as a precaution, emergency crews were on standby as going 737 made a descent to the airport. the plane up toed down without trouble and able to taxi to the gate on its own. officials say, planes have extra tires in the event of situations like this one. new at 6:00, we learned a chinese professor seriously injured in the crash of asiana flight 214 filed a $5 million lawsuit against the airline. he's using a loophole in the law to do it. he filed the lawsuit in u.s. district court, filed under an exemption that limits legal actions foreign passengers can take in situations like this one. the exemption is that his son bought his ticket in california. congresswoman jackie spear wants to change aviation law. they passed the amendment requiring the faa to install low air speed warning systems on
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commercial jet. low air speed was a crucial factor in the asiana crash. low air ped hspeed has been a s concern for 20 years and accuses the faa of dragging its feet on the issue. a big win for a local company. obama care is coming and the silicon valley company is a key player. scott budman here with an exclusive look inside the company bringing the technology to health care. >> they are, raj. e-health got permission from the government to use the internet based platform to get people insurance under obama care bringing attention to a company from both washington and wall street. >> reporter: health insurance has been a struggle for millions of people, especially those who don't get it through their employer. >> on your health care -- >> reporter: the obama administration wants to change that with its new federal health care law commonly called obama care. >> replaces --
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>> reporter: a big beneficiary of obama care is here in silicon valley. >> travelocity is health insurance. >> reporter: one way to describe e health, a company that will walk you through the web of health care on the web. >> we what we've done is really simplify the process, put all of the information very clear language, allow you to compare plans side by side as if you're buying a laptop online, comparing specs side by side. we do the saipe with health insurance plans. >> reporter: ehealth put together it's first policy 15 years ago. it faces something 7 million people the obama administration want s to enroll and ensure thi year. if you're one of them, start here. one of several companies taken to the internet to make the process of finding health insurance simpler. >> yes, 3:00. >> reporter: and if you're the company that gets the call from washington -- >> there's a big buzz here.
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i've been up since 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: -- buzzing with opportunity to bring technology to a giant government plan. investors like the obama care goes silicon valley news, boosting shares of ehealth by 30%. the company makes money by collecting commission from health insurance providers when someone signs up for a policy. >> work under way in vallejo to replace a broken bolt delaying the opening the span of the bridge. a look inside an industrial plant on mayor island where saddles are being manufactured. they are using saddled to replace the faulty volts. the saddles will attach to the devices called sheer keys which are designed to stabilize the bridge in an earthquake. >> steel tendons run through those steel saddles and exempt the same clamping force, pull down on the sheer key and exempt the same force holding them in
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place. >> the replacement schadles should be finished mid-september. final work on the bridge isn't expected to be finished until late december. police investigating an attack on the campus of san jose state university. a man smashed another man's head on the sidewalk outside the school's science building. kris sanchez joins us live where there is growing concern about crime. >> reporter: hi there. you can't blame the students and in fact the folks who work here on campus for that. the attack was pbrutal. it's a wide open campus, many are here at late night. though the attack was aggressive and violent, overall crime on campus is down. no more late night study sessions on campus for the senior. last night he got a text from campus police detailing the assault of a 22-year-old victim right outside the science building. >> when you get that e-mail, you see that, 8:00, it's not that
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late, that's something like that's taking place, it's scary. >> reporter: that news may alarm students but police say crime is down by 20%. >> right now, like i said, on campus, even assaults are down. last year we had 28 at this time. this year we have 21. >> reporter: all of last year, san jose state with 30,000 students, recorded 58 assaults. by comparison, cal state east bay with 13,000 students recorded none. the san jose state campus downtown is wide open, and surrounded by other communities which may help to explain why two-thirds of the victims of on campus assaults are not students. san jose state police would not say whether city crime is spilling on to campus but the captain does say his department will continue making arrests, being proactive and visible. good enough for students and families. >> i would leave early instead of late at night or go with
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somebody. it's a big campus. there's cops everywhere. >> educating students on how to stay safe and addressing issues as they come up. >> reporter: been on campus for years now, he's planning changes. >> i'm going get out of here before 8:00. i used to stay late. now i wouldn't go home and do my stuff from there. >> reporter: police are not releasing a specific description of the suspect in last night's assault but say they do not believe to be a student. the victim, also not to be a student here. but they are recommending that folks stay aware that they use the escort system and do what they can do keep themselves safe and alert police if they see anything suspicious. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a 23-year-old oakland man arrested for assaulting a woman during pride weekend in san francisco. it was caught on tape we should warn you the video is disturbing. police believe christopher
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bailey kicked a woman in the face after she was already down on the ground. the woman had been robbed. and it happened near market and delores street june 30th. bailey may have been with a small group of people committing robberies in the ar but don't think it was a hate crime. >> in this case it appears the robbery, battering, assault, et cetera. in other cases it might be a different story. i don't have the full, complete background. but in order to be a hate crime there needs to be certain elements. >> the woman who was assaulted is recovering. it has become uncomfortable waiting game for b.a.r.t. riders. a strike is looming and a possible walkout is four days away. if it happens, about 400,000 b.a.r.t. riders will be left strand on monday and the impact could be worse than the previous strike. last strike happened during fourth of july and a lot of
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people were on vacation, and school was out. if there's a strike next week it will impact millions of commuters in the bay area, even if you don't use b.a.r.t. >> would you ride caltrain and have your parking spot and get your spot on the train and all of a sudden you wake up on monday morning and you're going to find out your parking spot may be taken by b.a.r.t. rides -- and b.a.r.t. carries more people on the peninsula than caltrain does. >> pr campaigns are in effect. b.a.r.t. workers reaching out to the public with the billboard, we are bargaining for your safety and ours. we make b.a.r.t. work. both sides are far apart on three key issues, pay, health benefits, and pensions. >> i get the award i think in the last month, perhaps the last year, for traveling the farthest. the press is not up on all of my travels. >> still ahead at 6:00, we investigate 165,000 in free trips by the president of the california public utilities
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commission. record-high rents in san mateo county leaving many people with nowhere to go. jodi hernandez, i'll show you what's behind the troubling trend. mayor of the south bay is turned away from a blood drive. the controversial ban that he wants to overturn. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. sunshine inland. live sky camera network, sunny skies in san francisco. the latest on your forecast.
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odds are you've received the dreaded phone call, your landlord calls and says we need to increase the rent. san mateo, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment has gone up $600 in last 6 years. live in south san francisco,
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jodi, an average of $2,000 a month just for a one-bedroom. >> reporter: it's hard to believe, but the average cost of a one bedroom is $2,053 a month. find affordable housing units like these ones behind me are near impossible, as near impossible to do. i'm told 2,000 people are currently on the waiting list for a spot at this affordable housing complex in south san francisco. finding a place to call home in san mateo county has never been harder. >> it is a very difficult situation out here. >> reporter: 31-year-old david who grew up in san mateo and works for nonprofit doesn't make enough to get into an apartment in the city he calls home. >> tonight, i'm staying at motel 6. even that's expensive. i'm paying about $80 a night. >> reporter: he's not alone. san mateo county's got a sha
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shortage of affordable housing the average rent for one bedroom tops $2,000 a month. housing advocates say even those units are hard to come by. >> we are actually in a crisis in san mateo county. we have little inventory of affordable housing. we have more people seeking rental housing than we have space for. and we have a crisis in how much it costs if you happen to find a space. >> reporter: the executive director of hip housing says her agency is swamped, trying to find places for people to live. she says the foreclosure crisis has only added to the problem. leaving even more displaced people searching for rentals that just aren't available. >> think it's a tragedy. we have families and people hard working, looking for a place to live. >> reporter: 65-year-old bob riley is one of them. riley, who has worked as a caregiver for the disabled for 21 years, spends his spare time
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search through listings for a room to rent. the san mateo seniors had no luck. >> i was promised one place. then the guy gave it to someone else. so it's been really hard. i hate going through this. >> reporter: again, renters have seen their rent go up $100 over the past 6 years. and there is no sign that troubling trend will turn around anytime soon. reporting live in san mateo county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the mid of a nationwide blood shortage the mayor of campbell organized the blood drive but could not participate because he's gay. evan teamed up to host today. mayor low was turned away but expected that because of a 1977 federal policy that prohibits gay and bisexual men from giving
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blood. this afternoon, the mayor called on the fda to re-evaluate the policy which is discriminatory. >> this particular policy focuses on the gay men only in which you can be monogamist relationship with another man for 15 years and not donate blood. if you're heterosexual and engage in promiscuous activity you can donate blood. >> using science to allow for a greater pool of donors. ashton lee born female but felt more like a boy. a student, he wants state to pass a law mandating public school sports programs include transgender student according to the gender which -- with which they identify. >> i'm a boy. right. i was put into a class of all girls in p.e. and so, every day going into the class, it was kind of like, it was only me.
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i was by myself. i was -- no one understood what it was like. >> lee's petition has 6,000 silths and he says he's amazed at the encouragement he's getting. let's bring in jeff ranieri. it's a hazy in the bay area. >> allergies, respiratory problems, better news coming throughout the next three days. the warmest weather in the santa clara valley. 85 in san jose. 85 in gilroy. 84 santa teresa. cooler for the east bay low 80s there up. one of the coolest widespread locations north bay 70s from san rafael to santa rosa. interesting thing marine layer starting to get scoured out a bit beginning to fade off the coastline. area of low pressure offshore, hoping to stir up the atmosphere but not completely gone.
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sky camera network, outside right now to that on our high definition view. and it's a little less hazy today in san jose. that's the case over the next couple of days. to the north, you'll be able to see a small sliver of the marine layer in palo alto, toward the bottom of the screen, it's cloud cover. from 500 to 1,000 feet. it will start to beef up tonight and tomorrow morning. but enjoy this rare blast of sunshine especially at coastline now from emeriville towards san francisco. let's get into the first look forecast for thursday. cloudy again at the coastline. low clouds hugging the bias well. and more of a patchy low cloud situation expected for the interior valleys tomorrow. temperatures starting off in mid to upper 50s. may need that light jacket to start. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., east bay, san jose, shed off the jacket, temperatures in the mid-70s by 11:00 a.m. and sunny skies. fog factor forecast highlight the worst of it tomorrow, not in the east bay or the south bay
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but across marin, sonoma, napa, san francisco to the airport. while the fog has cleared out now, we expect that low cloud cover intrusion to stay with us at the coastline throughout tomorrow on your fog factor forecast in the after noon. more sunshine expected by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow around point reyes to san francisco. you can see the cloud cover hold on from pacifica to half moon bay. we talked about lack of could clo cover now. increasing sunshine for friday and saturday. temperatures mid to upper 80s inland and 60s at the coast. america's cup tomorrow, the series continuing in san francisco. 27 and 29. water temperatures in the 50s. small craft advisory and winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour. that still should be good enough for those sailors to get out on the boats as we head throughout thursday. conditions at coastline will have a mix of sun and clouds and also temperatures in the 60s.
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take your jacket. if you're at home, on the couch, catch live coverage from 12:00 to 1:30 on cozy tv. we did want to update with the lack of cloud cov or at coastline. no weather delays but possible delays tomorrow as we'll see that fog building back at coastline. more on your full forecast later on. >> thank you. we'll tune into cozy tv to watch america's cup. 6:00, power of social media, help save a stranded cat. we have video. 40 years since california passed malpractice reform. is it time to look at victims' rights. a new measure coming up a special day for dozens of kids in the bay area. how a local amusement park helped honor military families.
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this could be a game change for millions of college athletes. should they be compensated for video games? the lawsuit filed by athletes against a bay area company, got the green light to proceed today. the suit, filed against electronic arts, redwood shores, claims athletes should have a say in whether ea can use their likeliness in video games. ea sells millions in video games each year. the company tried to have the lawsuit thrown out, but today the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled ea cannot use the athletes' image as part of the first amendment and the lawsuit can move forward. families who have lost loved ones in the military treated to a special day at six flags discovery kingdom. children got to touch dolphins, cozy up to penguins and enjoy a picnic put on by snowball express which provides support of survivors of military deaths. it's comforting to be around others who have been through the same hardship. >> makes me feel better, i
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guess, because i don't like being like one person who is like completely different from everyone else. i don't like being that. >> more than 60 kids and 20 mom as tended the event. majority lost loved ones in afghanistan and iraq. stuck for three days, but thanks to social media a starving cat was rescued from the rooftop of a post office in the east bay. it started when an employee of dolphin graphics in castro valley started posting urgent pleas for help on facebook. after a friend posted about the helpless cat in san leandro. a group of volunteers helped save and feed a starving orange and white tabby. the cat got checked out by a vet who found a chip which led the c cat to a happy owner. breast-feeding rates rise with research showing it can boost a child's intelligence. half of all babies in the united states are breast-fed for at least six months. a study from boston children's
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hospital shows babies breast-fed showed better language skill business age 3 and verbal and nonverbal intelligence by age 7. experts say breast milk contains antibody that protects newborns from infections but less likely to become overweight. o.j. simpson granted parole, but not his freedom. we'll explain the partial victory for the former football star. also, why police pulled over george zimmerman and what they found inside of his truck. we have the dash cam video. tonight, we investigate one of california's most powerful executives in a paper trail that leads to $165,000 in gifts and free travel. legal, but we ask, is it ethical? tonight, we investi
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165,000 in gifts and free travel. trips to some of the world's most exotic locations for the president of one of state's most powerful regulators. >> this is all legal, but is it right? let's bring in our chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski. what do you have tonight? >> an interesting paper trail here. tonight, michael peevey is back in the public spotlight. he's appointed -- he was appointed by the governor and paid by every rate payer in california. we want to know, well, on your payroll, is he selling access to one of the most powerful offices in the state?
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>> you poor son of a -- >> you have a job to do. it's pathetic. >> reporter: you might remember michael peevey. >> what's the message you sent coming here to napa. >> you're very antagonistic. >> reporter: he wasn't fond of our questions after we found him at an exclusive napa winery. tony kovaleski. have a moment? >> i don't want to talk to you. >> reporter: in sacramento, we questioned his decision to accept a safety award from union lobbyists less than three years after the san bruno explosion. answer my question, sir. sir -- >> i find you extremely insulting. >> reporter: so how will the president of the public utilities commission respond to the questions uncovered in these documents? records filed with the state show, since 2007, michael peevey
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has accepted orr more than $165,000 in gifts and free travel. records obtained by the nbc bay area investigative unit found in the last six years, president peevey has accepted 16 trips, each valued at more than $6,000. >> this time last week i was in china. >> reporter: trips to hong kong, sweden. last week i spent a week in germany. >> reporter: globe trotting to germany, spain, and israel. >> i get the award in, i think in the last month, perhaps the last year, for traveling the farthest. although the press is not up on all of my travels. >> reporter: but president peevey may have spoken too soon. we also know about his big ticket trips, $12,500 for a 2010 excursion to sydney, australia. >> i spent last week in australia a guest of the
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environment center. >> reporter: then there was this $13,000 all-expense paid trip in 2008 to new zealand. 2009, $four, for a trip to spain. 2007, accepted nearly $15,000 in travel for a trip to south africa. >> clearly, it is legal. the question is, of course, is it ethical? there's a difference between the two. >> reporter: one of california's premier experts in government ethics. we showed the travel records to bob stern. >> it always raises questions to me when we have such extensive travel. i don't think that private groups should be providing travel for public officials. >> reporter: that's right. private groups and nonprofits are picking up tabs for the travel. some might call it a loophole. it's a state law allowing special interest groups, lobbyists and executives, special access to power brokers like michael peevey. >> it's wherever a commissioner
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wants to go, anywhere in the world, all expenses paid except for every step of the way you're with a gaggle of lobbyists lobbying you. >> reporter: loretta had peevey's job, served from 2000 to 2002. you were offered trips like this? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what did you say? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> it's improper. it creates at least the appearance of impropriety. i know what happens at those trips. >> reporter: here's a stark contrast. during lynch's five years on the commission, including two as president her gifts in travel totalled only $6,000. or about $1200 each year. peevey's $165,000 during the past 6 years averages out to more than $27,000 per year. >> exponentially more than what i took as president of puc. he's wined and dined on lobbyists' dimes. >> reporter: out of the most
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expensive free trips, six bank rolled by -- >> california foundation -- >> reporter: a nonprofit organization that receives large donations from many of the utilities and energy companies peevey regulates. the same group that sponsored this conference this year in napa. you spent time with the utilities, you're paid to regulate. >> no utilities here. >> reporter: pg&e was here. >> maybe one person. i don't know. >> reporter: sending president peevey to new zealand, ireland, italy, spain, china, south africa in the past six years total cost, $64,000 from one nonprofit group. >> it's an sid yus advantage that the companies who can pay have. as a commissioner, you are supposed to look only at the facts in front of you and not who you went golfing with or on safari with or who paid for your $300 dinner last night. >> the law needs to be changed. until the law's changed, public officials will keep taking the
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trips. >> reporter: mr. peevey turned down a request for an interview to talk about the trips. surprised? >> knowing mike, i'm not surprised. if you take a government job, you are obliged to be transparent and part of being transparent is to talk with the press. >> reporter: and that takes us back to that question. mr. peevey, mr. peevey, may i get your attention sir? after denying request for an interview we tried to talk to michael peevey. after a recent meeting in san francisco. mr. peevey, we'd like to talk to you but your travel, sir. >> clear the room now. >> it's more than just $165,000. it's also 119 business days away from his office in san francisco an average of four work weeks each year. four weeks out of office to travel the gluobe. the commission would not tell us
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if those are regular working days or vacation days. bottom line, free travel, days off, all on top of michael peevey's $132,000 annual salary. >> there a point in the near future he'll sit down for a formal interview with us? >> there's a point in the near future we'll continue to ask for that interview. if they wants to explain and justify why he thinks it's right, we'll be there. >> very persistent. >> if you have a tip for tony kovaleski, give us a call. numbers on your screen, 888-9 96-tips. the man accused of kill two women in san francisco's jewelry mart pleaded not guilty today. barry white jr.'s charged with 16 felony counts including two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. police say he walked into the jewelry store july 12th and opened fire, killing two women and critically injuring the store's owner.
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white was upset about the value of jewelry he previously purchased at the same store. he remains in custody without bail and set to return to court in december. hammers, wrenches, slingshots, shields, spray paint projectiles and destructive items will all be banned at protests in oakland. the city council approved a preliminary proposal last night outlawing the so-called tools of violence and vandalism. none of the council members opposed the ban which comes two weeks after protesters smashed windows and hit a waiter in the face with a hammer. oakland joins los angeles and salt lake city where they already have similar bans. the city council voted to move forward with a controversial surveillance center. that decision met by vocal, disapproving members from the audience. council approved $2 million grant from the department of homeland security which means 130 new surveillance cameras for the city of oakland. under the plan, images from the cameras will be sent to a
6:38 pm
centralized location along with im. >> images from existing cameras, license plate readers. at center, law enforcement officers will be able to monitor your actions. next big looming political bat until california could be fought over medical malpractice reform. you see it's been 40 years since we first passed landmark legislation. is it time to strengthen victims' rights in one man thinks so. he's proposed a ballot measure. the reality collect of the claim, next. george zimmerman pulled observe for speeding. the dash cam video, what police found inside his truck. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. some of the warmest skies across the south and the east bay. a live look at fremont and plenty of sunshine. your full weekend weather forecast coming up.
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george zimmerman had a run-in with the law last weekend. you're looking at traffic stop. pulled over for speeding sunday near dallas. zimmerman recently acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. he told the officer in texas, he had a gun in the glove box and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. he was released with a warning after being instructed to slow down. a partial victory for o.j. simpson today. a parole board granted him parole but he's staying behind bars. he faces at least four more years behind bars. in 2008, simpson convicted of kidnapping, robbery, burglary,
6:42 pm
assault with a deadly weapon for trying to steal sports memorabilia that he says belonged to him. he's el officiigible for anothe hearing. it's getting stirred up out there, guys. locked in that fog for days now. finally some sunshine here in san francisco. we'll talk about a sunnier weekend forecast that i know you're going to love, coming up.
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a battle brewing in california over medical malpractice paper proposed ballot measure would raise the amount of money a victim could receive for emotional injury for more than $1 million. >> critics argue raising the cap could cost consumer billions of dollars. sam brock looks at claims and
6:45 pm
separates facts from fiction. >> the debate applies to a certain segment of people who are seeking compensation for noneconomic damages. that would be emotional pain as you said, suffering, loss of a loved one. the measure sponsor says he's not concerned about the impact on big business, he's concerned about access to attorneys for victims. it turns out, he's right. access is a problem. but the cost of implications can't be ignored either. >> when you can't get to court, you're victimized a second time. not only in the loss of your loved one but you find out you can't get justice on that doctor or hospital. >> reporter: bob pack says loss of his two children, troy and alana, almost ten years ago to a drugged driver, misprescribed on a variety of medications has forced him to become an advocate. not just for the 7 and 10-year-old whose names are memorialized at the school, but many other victims of medical malpractice who can't access a courtroom because at wards for such cases are capped so low,
6:46 pm
attorneys won't take on many clients. >> in the case of a death, this is the worst element of all, because in reality, you get nothing. you don't get the 250. you get zero because you can't get to court. >> reporter: in california, medical malpractice awards are divided into two categories. economic damages, that have no cap, and directly tied to thing likes lost wages and plel costs, and noneconomic damages, that have a cap of $250,000 which was created in 1975, and covers suffering and emotional pain. what is $250,000 mean today? in terms of inflation, modern day e-viv lens $1.1 million, the increased pack he's seeking. but it's buying power is $57,000. for attorneys that sum doesn't make business sense. >> i get calls from people who have spoke to be many lawyers
6:47 pm
and i turn down 49 out of 50 people who call me. >> reporter: a san francisco malpractice attorney with 20 years of sheerns. he says he'd like to represent more people with valid claims, if he could. >> many cases that go through trial, incur costs over $100,000 and that's money that comes out of my pocket that i will never get back unless we win. >> reporter: so the idea behind the measure is to make it easier for attorneys to take additional, legitimate cases. but for doctors, providing general care and communities like san san ramon, those doctors say a higher cap means invitation for frivolous lawsuits and more money for lawyers which would negatively impact the health care system. >> everything rife read indicates costs would go up. when costs go up it comes from somewhere. it would be access to care for patients. >> as a doctor, i care about all of my patients and no less if
6:48 pm
they have been harmed. but looking at the broader picture, looking at health care system as a whole, the best way to provide the best care for the most people is to devote resources we have to providing care rather than diverting it into the legal arena. >> the risk of costs are real. we'll be investigating those in coming days. will raising the cap mean more malpractice cases here in california? compared state's five-yearage of payouts and settlements of 100,000 people, which is 3.6, to stated throughout the country without caps like new york, which is what you see there their average is triple california's. but arkansas, their rate is a point below ours. you have washington state in the western region, it's about the same as california's. case load might be a function of region and state law as anything else. now access is an issue. we heard from an attorney who is
6:49 pm
rejecting 98% of client offers, so that claim is true. but explosion of frivolous lawsuits that data indicates the statement is possibly true, but it's highly speculative. i'm sam brock. that's today's reality check. >> thank you. a check of the forecast now. we have had unseasonably cool weather. the haze you see in the background. >> suddenly want to touch it. >> i feel like it got better today. >> a smidge better. upper low pressure producing cooler weather is stirring up the atmosphere now. on the visible satellite loop, the snapshot from space, the best look at fog, not seeing too much offshore. that's great news. also good news at the airports with less fog at the hour. no delays when it comes to weather. but for tomorrow morning, we're not going to get rid of cloud cover and expect potential morning issues. thursday forecast. we'll have the cloud cover coming back to the coastline.
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also by the bay, interior valleys a patchy low cloud situation. temperatures mid-50s. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, mid-70s, sunny skies across the east and the south bay. outside now to the high definition view. the best eyes in the sky across the bay area. and you can see in san jose, trees blowing around. we did have a fire in the east bay. fire danger elevated. numbers in the 80s. drought in california. off atto the north, mid peninsula, foster city, up to 1,000 feet. off to the north if san francisco fog-free for the past two to three hours. that's great news for those wanting to get out and enjoy a few rays of sunshine. that's possible in the marina and also up there across parts of the north bay. as we get a look at fog factor forecast for tomorrow it's coming back at coastline. mainly for the north bay communities. we've edited this a bit from our 5:00 p.m. show. not expecting too much here back for the east or the south bay.
6:51 pm
by the afternoon, also a key difference for tomorrow on that fog factor forecast. we do not have highlighted north bay. it looks like we'll get clearing around point reyes, pet lumina, santa rosa. cloud cover lingers from san francisco, half moon bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. now santa cruz, the warmest spot there at the coast with 70. 85 san jose. upper 70s and low 80s east bay. 80 dublin. 76 castro valley. 64 san francisco. 77 in napa. low pressure offshore is going to fade throughout friday. that 4 improve air quality tomorrow. temperatures warping up by the weekend into the upper 80s with sunny skies. 70s by the bay. 60s at the coastline. and you are probably relieved to see no triple digits into next week. we've dusted off the computers and made them work the before
6:52 pm
the for you at home. >> love it. >> thanks. >> supports now. middle of training camp for the raiders and 49ers. big news regarding the 49ers. >> guys, thanks very much. this isn't the news we like to share, but we start with news out of the 49ers training camp. injury report, linebacker patrick willis injured his right hand early wednesday. the six-time pro bowler did not take part in team drills after that. here's the picture. our insider posted this photo on instagram of willis leaving the feel. injury sustained in a collision wean willis and miller. let's go to baseball. the first place a's hosting blue jays. that's right, thump, enjoy yourself. pop-up, right? major leaguer. no, they're not.
6:53 pm
that's a lilttle league play. later in the inning a fly ball but izturis can't make the play. tied at 2. extra innings. blue jays take over. bautista doubles down the line at top of tenth. reyes scores go ahead run. blue jays win, 5-2. giants, struggling san francisco giants, at the center of many major rumors. they did not make any moves before the deadline. players weighed in on the club staying pat. >> a big sigh of relief, obviously for myself, finishing out my contract here. i think everybody's excited to here. we're not adding anybody, that's also another sign of leaf for youk g young guys here. >> it's a big relief.
6:54 pm
it feels good that for them to hold on to me, i get to stay with these guys. it's a great group. looking forward to continuing to push forward and progress. >> now let's get to the game. giants know they're together. rog roger kishnick, singles to center. aaa. 7-1 giants. brett pill, how about this? solo shot to left. he's 6 for 9 in the last few games. one more note from the game, though. we started with injury report. how about finishing with one? sandoval left the game sixth inning right heel bruise after beating out infield single. he's listed day-to-day. more news with nbc bay area news.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00 another b.a.r.t. strike is looming. monday b.a.r.t. works are could walk off the job for the second time this month. we'll tell you the new plan to help commuter if that happens. keep in mind last time it happened this month, during fourth of july week, so the impact wasn't quite as big. but it could be big next week. but tonight, 11:00 after a new episode of "camp." >> see you back here at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
." now on "extra". >> simon cowell's baby news reports he is de having a kid with this socialite. you ready to have children and settle down? about theu don't know baby mama. first photos of lindsay lohan from rehab why immediately going hiding. >> i don't want that to be i'm known for any more. life and videotape that could jump start her year comeback. trending. nigella lawson's marriage gone in 60 seconds. of "the view" sound off on teresa's nightmare. you can't flip tables over in pitcher. interview -list opening up about being a

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